Our mission at Meridian Plastic Surgery is to provide you with plastic surgery options that satisfy your personal desires. We are committed to your personal safety, comfort, and satisfaction.

Botox® for Abnormal Contraction of Eye or Eye Twitch

Using Botox injections, the physicians at Meridian Plastic Surgery can safely treat by injecting Botox around the eyelid muscles.

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Botox® for Excessive Sweating

Do you have to change your clothes often due to sweat?

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Injectable Facial Fillers


Botox can be injected into facial wrinkles to give your skin more volume and reduce the number and depth of wrinkles.

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Volbella can be used as a nonsurgical injectable to augment lips and correct perioral lines. The treatment has been clinically proven to increase lip fullness and soften lines around the mouth.

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Juvederm is a family of skin filaments used to provide up to one year of wrinkle correction for moderate to severe facial wrinkles.

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Has age taken volume from your cheeks? Achieve a youthful look by restoring volume to your cheeks.

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Kybella is a deoxycholic acid injection used to improve the appearance and profile of moderate to severe fat below the chin.

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Levulan® Treatment for Precancer

Using photodynamic therapy, the staff at Meridian Plastic Surgery can reduce your skin cancer risk and remove precancerous cells in your skin. Photodynamic therapy starts with applying Levulan to problem areas of your skin.

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Lip Enhancement

Are your lips thinning with age? Lip enhancements give your lips the fullness and definition that signal youthfulness.

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NeoGraft Hair Transplant

First in the state to offer NeoGraft, we chose this patented technology because we believe that men and women suffering from hair loss deserve a more desirable, minimally invasive option than the current hair transplant methods and treatments.

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Spider Veins

When the capillaries in the skin dilate, they cause unsightly marks in your skin that resemble spider legs.

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I was greeted cordially and treated with upmost respect. The wait was less than 15 minutes, and I was really surprised since the waiting room was full. My visit was on Monday and on Tuesday I received the call with the good biopsy report. I will definitely not hesitate to use Dr. Thornton should the need arise in the future.